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Munsee Meats was founded in 1957 by E. Thomas Selvey, and originally named Tom's Meats.  Initially located on South Walnut Street in Muncie, Indiana, the business was moved to the current Kilgore Ave. building in 1963.  Thanks to the dedication of our valued employees, we continued to thrive and in 1973 changed names to Munsee Meats, Inc.

We look back and reminisce on how wonderful the past 54+ years have been... and we'll continue to look forward with anticipation for 50 more!

Steve Hendrixson, CEO

Munsee Meats  FUN FACT

To better accomodate the growing needs of our customers, the Kilgore Avenue facility has been expanded four times since 1963 to reach its current size!  Stop in today to view our one-of-a-kind processing facility.